CV Born in 1960, in Buče, Montenegro. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, in the class of prof. Nikola Janković, in 1986. Holds an MA degree from the same Academy since 1989. Appointed senior lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Sculpture in 1992. INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS 1987 Belgrade, Dom Omladine Gallery, Drawing (with D. Vrga and Z. Naskovski)
1988 Belgrade, Dom Omladine Gallery, Sculptures
1990 Belgrade, Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Drawings Kragujevac, likovni Salon Gallery, Sculptures & Drawings
1991 Belgrade, Studentski Kulturni Centar (SKC) Gallery, Sculptures
1992 Belgrade, ULUS Gallery, Sculptures
1993 Belgrade, Lada Gallery, Sculptures & Drawings (with Mrdjan Bajić Belgrade, SKC Gallery, Sculptures
1995 Belgrade, Gallery 12 +, Sculptures
1997 Belgrade, Gallery of Contemporary Art Museum, Sculptures
1999 Belgrade, ULUS Gallery, Drawings
2000 Belgrade, SULUJ Gallery, Sculptures
2002 Belgrade, Zvono Gallery, Sculptures
2003 Barcelona, Gallery H2O, Sculptures
2004 Belgrade, Zvono Gallery, Sculptures
2005 Novi Sad, Šok Gallery, Fotographies Belgrade, Gallery of Contemporary Art Museum, Sculptures Beograd, Remont Gallery, Drawing Čačak, Nadežda Petrović Gallery, Sculptures (with Aleksandar Rafajlović)
2006 Belgrade, Selling Gallery Belgrade, Sculptures and Photographies
2006 Belgrade, Remont Gallery, Photographies from Japan
2008 Barcelona, Gallery H2O, Sculptures Castellon, Gallery Zona, Sculptures Belgrade, The Belgrade Cultural Centre, Sculptures
2009 Belgrade, Gallery Arte, Sculptures and Pastels Banja Luka, Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic Srpska, Sculptures Belgrade, Gallery Otklon, Sculptures
2010 Sopot, Gallery of Cultural Centre, Sculptures and Collages
2011 Cetinje, Gallery 42 degree, Sculptures Cetinje, Studio Dado, Collages and Drawings Belgrade, Gallery Arte, Collages
2012 Belgrade, Gallery ULUS, Sculptures and Drawings Belgrade, with Slavko Zivanovic, Gallery Block, Sculptures Belgrade, Gallery FLU, Sculptures and Drawings
2013 Kragujevac, Gallery Rima, Sculptures and Drawings
2014 Belgrade, Sculptures, Gallery 212 Belgrade, Sculptures and Drawings, Gallery FLU
2015 Belgrade, Sculptures and Drawihgs, Gallery FLU
2016 Belgrade, One, One, Two, Sculptures, Drawings and Photographies, (with Aleksandar Rafajlovic), Museum ZEPTER Užice, Assemblages, City Gallery Užice Belgrade, Sculptures and Drawings, Reanimation of Artists After 30 Years, Heritage House Belgrade COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS: 1982 Belgrade, Fourth Floor Exhibition of Students FLU 1983 Belgrade, Cultural Center Student City, Biennial of Yugoslav Student Drawings 1985 Belgrade, Youth House Gallery, FLU Students' Exhibition Samobor, Samobor Museum, Art Colony Lug 1988 Belgrade, SKC Gallery, Art Workshop 1989 Murska Sobota, home of culture Vkitnik Kranjec, Biennial of Small Sculpture Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom, Biennial of Small Sculpture Belgrade, SKC Gallery, May's project Belgrade, Cultural Center Studentski grad, selected drawings 1990 Belgrade, ULUS Gallery, Young Belgrade Sculptors Belgrade, Youth Home Gallery, first exhibitors Apatin, Meander Gallery, Beginning of the nineties Lisbon, Ajuda Palace, Sculptures and drawings Paris, Yugoslav Clusters Center, Sculptures and Drawings 1991 Zagreb, Extended Media Gallery, sculptures Pancevo, Contemporary Gallery of the Cultural Center "Olga Petrov", 3. Pancevo Exhibition of Yugoslavia Sculptures Belgrade, Art Pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzoric", Art exhibition of Dejan Djorić Belgrade, Galerija Produkt Press, Art Collection Collection 1992 Pancevo, Cultural Center, 7th Biennial of Small Sculpture 1993 Belgrade, TERRA, Kikinda, Sculptures Graz, Kunsthalle Krems, Closed system, selection of Johanna Kandl Novi Sad, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Early Nineties Podgorica, Petrović Palace, Early Nineties 1994 Budapest, Ernst Museum, Art in Central Europe Vršac, Konkordija, The first Yugoslav biannual youth Cetinje, Billiards and Serbian Mission, Second Cetinje Biannale Thessaloniki, National Museum, Expirience from memory Belgrade, Youth Home Gallery, Jubilee of Youth Home Sao Paolo, 22nd Sao Paulo Biennale Podgorica, Petrović Castle, Early 90s 1995 Belgrade, National Museum, Memory experiences Belgrade, Pavilion Veljković, Scenes of images Belgrade, Youth Home Gallery, Maps Belgrade, Center for Contemporary Art, Art in Yugoslavia 1992-1995 Belgrade, Graphic Collective, Return of miniatures 1996 Belgrade, Cinema Rex, Wall view Pancevo, Biennial of Sculpture Belgrade, Gallery 12+ Belgrade, ULUS gallery, Examples of abstract art is a radical history 1997 Thessaloniki, Yugoslav Modern Art, Visible-invisible Belgrade, Cultural Center Belgrade, De Valigia In Yugoslavia 1998 Belgrade, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, painters and sculptors from New Belgrade Belgrade, May 25th Museum, Art at the end of the century Apatin, Meander Gallery, 4. Sculpting encounters 2000 Bratislava, Welcome Understanding 2001 Warsaw, Freedom and Violence Belgrade, SULUJ Gallery, Passage Belgrade, Gallery Remont, Review, Belgrade art scene of the nineties Belgrade, October Salon Belgrade, Museum of Contemporary Art, Conversations Castellon, Museu de la Pau, Anniversary 2002 Pancevo, 10th Biennial of Visual Arts Belgrade, Gallery Remont Užice, City Gallery of Uzice, Contemporary Serbian Art 2003 Belgrade, Cultural Center Belgrade, Connection Belgrade, October Salon Belgrade, Triennials of contemporary art ceramics. Herceg Novi, 36th Hertogenbosch Winter Salon Čačak, Art Salon of Home Culture 8. Spring anale Bor, Art Colony "Bakar" 2004 Belgrade, October Salon Thessaloniki, Kozmopolis, Mikrokosmos / Makrokosmos Vrsac, Komordija Gallery, Ten Years of Concordia 2005 Belgrade, ULUS Gallery, Cutting Point. Belgrade, October Salon Belgrade, Disclosure Belgrade, MSU, About normality, Art in Serbia 1989-2001 Bor, Art Colony "Bakar" 2007 Paris, Cultural Center of Serbia, Carrefour Belgrade, Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Telenor collection. Belgrade, Gallery Blok, Vidici 2008 Belgrade, Gallery Magacin, Repurchase of art works of the city of Belgrade Belgrade Gallery '73, Čukarički likovni salon Novi Sad, Museum of Contemporary Art, Telenor Collection Vršac, Cultural Center Vršac, Telenor Collection. Cacak, Gallery "Nadezda Petrovic", Telenor Collection 2009 Belgrade, Gallery arte, collector as curator and selector. Beograd, Selling gallery Beograd, Belgrade, Muyay city of Belgrade, Art of the 90's. Niš, Galerija "Srbija", Telenor Collection 2010 Belgrade, Gallery Progres, Spring Arte auction Belgrade, Gallery of Cultural Center Belgrade, My experience in the notebook Belgrade, Gallery Progres, Art salon Belgrade, Gallery Blok, Life Form. Madrid, Cultural Center Nicolas Salmeron, Carefour Lisbon, Mae dAgua, Carrefour 2011 Belgrade, Art Pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzoric" Sculpture object or where the border 2013 Belgrade, Selling Gallery Belgrade, 50 Years. Cetinje, Biljarda Museum, "Njegošiejšn" on the occasion of the 200th Birthday of Petar I Petrovic Njegoša Bor, 30 years of symposium 2014 Banja Luka, Ten Years of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Serbia 2016 Gornji Milanovac, 13th International Biennial of Miniature Art 2017 Čačak, Spring Anale, Art Salon of the Cultural Center Čačak Belgrade, Exhibition of Wiener Stadtische Insurance Collection