Nenad Radić



     THE EROTICISM OF THE SPIRIT – Drawings of Zdravko Joksimovic


     The basic starting point, and inspiration, for Zdravko Joksimović is the body – the object of desire. Fully aware of the fact that we live in a time overwhelmed by pictures of shameless pornography, which buys and sells everyone and everything, he courageously embraces the challenge of finding out whether in such a world there still exists some kind of elementary visualness, a healthy potency which could restore the innocence of the vista of our stupefied senses. One would think it a mission impossible in the world which, as he points out, is ruled by greed, hypocrisy and shallowness.

  Without hesitation, Zdravko choses pornographic shot of the joining of male and female sexual organs. Contouring the shape in the style of Arp, and bringing down supple curves of merged bodies with rotating moves, the artist does not hide his tactile sculptural sensibility. In fact, this particular sense of form gives the drawings tactility and plasticity which evokes a perfect illusion of three-dimensionality.

What we see, according to Bataille, is nudity facing the locked state of „discontinued existance“ – a game of „organs which overrun and merge, like waves permeating and disappearing in each other“. By repeating the image of sexual intercourse, from one drawing to another ad infinitum, Zdravko openly indicates the „search for possible continuity of an individual outside his confinement within himself“. The shamelessness of the male and female bodies, their opening and closing in this continuum, signifies the „overcoming discomfort that correspods to the self-management, the lasting and confirmed individuality“.

  Without any doubt, in the world where greed is disguised by hypocrisy, drawings of Zdravko Joksimović represent a rare and invaluable genuine effort to use the images of healthy potency in order to restore the necessary sharpness of our dazed vision. The artist succeeded at that. Whether we shall do the same, depeneds on how prepared we are to accept eroticims as „confirmation of life, even in death“ – I believe, finally, that we cannot envisage an individual by dismissing the truth“.


Belgrade, 7th April 2013